Joining 7./Gren.Rgt.G.D

Thank you for inquiring about membership in the Grossdeutschland Living History Reenactment Group. We are a dedicated organization of military historians recreating the time period between 1939-1945. Our membership currently includes participants living in the states of CT, DE, MD, NJ, NY, PA, RI, and VA.

Grossdeutschland is by far one of the oldest World War II reenactment units with over 30 years of experience in Living History Interpretation. Our unit has participated in Living History Displays throughout the Eastern United States to include those done at air shows, museums, historic landmarks, and military installations. read more
Our unit has won numerous awards and accolades from prestigious institutions such as the Aberdeen Proving Grounds (MD), Ft. Indiantown Gap (PA), Jamestown Historical Foundation (VA), Picatiny Arsenal (NJ), and West Point Military Academy (NY).

In addition, our members organize and attend Battle Reenactments, volunteer with Period Restoration Projects, and educate the general public on life in the German Army. We pride ourselves in the fact that we are very authentic in all aspects of this hobby. We are constantly trying to upgrade our individual and collective unit impressions. We do so by setting some of the highest standards in this hobby in regards to our uniform presentation, unit drill, field tactics and where possible the German language.

The one thing that separates us from other German reenactment units is that we focus our efforts on a Unit Impression — not an individual one. By doing so we believe that we can best represent the German Army as it were during the tumultuous days of World War II. Currently we have a growing and stable membership base of over 130 people on the East Coast.

If you are Interested being part of 7 Kompanie, then the first step is to email our recruitment Officer

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Useful info

What are we all about?
  • Depicting the common German soldier.
  • A non-political based membership.
  • Full compliance with weapons safety standards.
  • What are the costs involved?
  • $35 annual dues
  • $65 recruitment package
  • $15-20 Field kitchen per event (If used)
  • your own travel for events
  • The cost of your basic kit
  • Buying the Right Items New and prospective members are encouraged to BUY NOTHING until they have spoken with an Alte Hasse about where to obtain the correct equipment. Buying the Right Items.
    There are many vendors willing to sell you items that you will never need, are not proper for a GD Soldat to carry or that are just plain inaccurate. Remember, their job is to sell you things. It is our job to guide you when purchasing uniforms and equipment so you don't spend your money on unnecessary, substandard or unauthentic items.

    That is why it is extremely important that you buy nothing until it is approved by your Alte Hase. There are vendors that are approved by 7./GD but that doesn't mean that everything they offer for sale is approved for you to wear or carry. ALWAYS check with your Alte Hase first. Sometimes you may come across a good deal on original items. Keep in mind that they are 70+ years old. A pair of Marschstieffel (Boots) may look unissued and may fit you like they were custom made but after a few steps in them the stitching may be dry rotted and the whole boot may come apart.

    The same goes for any leather or uniform items. We put our equipment through rigorous events and it must be able to withstand all that happens to it during the course of a tactical. Authentic reproductions can withstand what we put them through whereas originals may or may not make it. If you destroy a piece of original equipment the value goes with it. It is suggested that you purchase reproduction items where available and only use original items when there is no other alternative: ie; Gasmaske and Tragebusche fuer Gasmaske (gas masks and gas mask cans) and Spaten (E-tools). Remember this, once you buy your equipment and uniform you don't need to buy anything else unless you need to replace worn or unserviceable items.

    The first investment in uniforms and equipment is the most important one so you'll want to get the most out of it. ALWAYS ASK YOUR ALTE HASE BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING!

    Uniform Standards

    Getting Equipped Members of Grossdeutschland maintain one of the hobby's most strict guidelines with regard to uniform accuracy and historical impression. As a member of Grossdeutschland, you are required to have the basic layout of equipment that all German soldiers of World War II were issued. Knowledge of the German Army's drill, tactics, and lifestyle is also needed, although much of this is acquired from interacting with Alte Hasse (old hands) who are long-term members of our unit. A thorough understanding of the German language is not required although many of our members speak basic, intermediate, and fluent German.
    If you purchase something before becoming a member, there is no guarantee that your item can be used within the Grossdeutschland unit. All personal items and uniform articles must meet our unit guidelines for historical accuracy. There are no exceptions.
    Members of Grossdeutschland have a field impression, a camp impression, and a barracks impression. Every member is required to add to these impressions by having certain items that are sanctioned by the unit.

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    The Alte Hasse assigned to you and others within the unit will provide guidance on where to obtain the most accurate and cost worthy equipment.All new members will be expected to learn the German Manual of Arms and to drill accordingly while in uniform. Our unit is the only World War II German Living History group that performs accurate military drill as instructed from surviving World War II Grossdeutschland veterans. We often display our talent for the general public at Living History demonstrations around the country.

      Required Elements of the Basic Kit
    • Bottle green "GD" enlisted man's shoulder straps
    • Breadbag
    • Butter or lard container dish
    • Camouflage Zeltbahn, poles, and carrying strap
    • Combination fork and spoon eating utensil
    • Entrenching tool and leather harness
    • Field canteen with properly painted cup
    • Field-gray combat shirt
    • German K98k Mauser rifle
    • German K98k Mauser bayonet and frog
    • Leather equipment belt, buckle and "Y" straps
    • M1935, M1940, or M1942 helmet with correct paint
    • M1934 or M1942 field cap
    • M1940, M1942, or M1943 tunic and pants
    • Mess kit with proper field-gray paint
    • Original German K98k ammunition pouches
    • Original, reproduction, or converted postwar jack boots
    • Original wartime gas mask container and mask
    • Properly completed Soldbuch with photo
    • Suspender straps for the combat pants
    • Unit marked dog tag matching the Soldbuch

    • Optional Items of Equipment
      • Additional Zeltbahns for personal tents
      • A-frame combat assault pack
      • Camouflage helmet cover or string net
      • Camouflage smock
      • Canvas late-war "Y" straps
      • Cold weather head cover or scarf
      • Dress bayonet and troddle
      • Enlisted man's dress visor cap
      • Over coat M36 or M42
      • HBT light weight combat tunic and pants
      • Low quarter boots and leggings
      • M1936 dress or "walking out" tunic and pants (M37 trousers)
      • M1943 field cap with visor
      • M1944 late war tunic (Very late war events only)
      • Period undergarments, shirts, socks, and gloves
      • Wartime issue flashlight and batteries
      • Wartime pocket knife
      • Winter issue leather and felt boots
      • Winter parka and pants for cold weather event

      Items That Are Not Authorized
      • Field-gray Panzer Wrap-Around tunics
      • Postwar converted East or West German items
      • Postwar German or Austrian camouflage items
      • Spanish helmets that look somewhat like German helmets
      • Swedish conversion tunics

      If you have any question, please use our contact form or contact your assigned "Alte Hasse" If you already joined us.

    The Grossdeutschland Division Living History Group" is NOT affiliated with any right wing Neo Nazi organization. We are students of Military Science NOT Political Science. We condemn all radical or subversive groups, and for that reason we do NOT allow any member of GD to belong to one