Vehicles of 7./Gren.Rgt.G.D

7./Gren.Rgt.G.D is very Lucky to have several vehicles and Motorbikes for use at any event that requires it. From the Powerful and imposing Sturmgeschutz III to the 4 man Kubelwagen, 7./Gren.Rgt.G.D is always on the move. Combine these vehicles with the Sd.Kfz.251 and the troop carrying wagons, We become an imposing force on the reeanacting battlefield.

The ability to move troops quickly is the key to a sucessful advance, but with that comes reconnaissance. For that we use our own Aufklarung unit, these bikes can move at speed and gather intel further down a road and then return quickly with information that can often turn the tide of a battle.

Sturmgeschutz III (assault gun)

The 7./Gren.Rgt.G.D Sturmgeschutz III advancing at the utlitmate event 2016.

Vehicle Information

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  • Sturmgeschutz III
  • Schutzenpanzerwagen Sd.Kfz.251
  • Stoewer PKW 40
  • Kubelwagen
  • Motorrad
  • Lastkraftwagen

  • Vehicles in action!