The Logistics of 7./Gren.Rgt.G.D

As a hobby, reenacting 7./GD can be a labor-intensive endeavor. 7./GD has numerous assets that need to be maintained and transported to events. We have a storage facility that houses a good portion of our Kompanie equipment. The only way we can provide maintenance to our vehicles and equipment is through volunteers. . They pack up the Kompanie tentage, the Field kitchen and supplies, and other items that make GD stand out from the crowd and transport them to events, set them up.

They then do the opposite after the event, breaking down the camp, packing everything up. 7./GD schedules work weekends throughout the year where members meet to clean and repair the Kompanie property.

For most of these members this means leaving for an event early to meet at the storage facility, to transfer their personal equipment to a period vehicle and drive or tow it to the event.None of this would be possible without GD's dedicated volunteers.